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May 2011 Newsletter - Summer is here, so are we!

The 2011 Limited Edition Dessert Truffles

Save room for dessert

Godiva Chocolatier serves up its limited edition Truffles Dessert Collection

A selection of premium and ultra indulgent truffles in 5 favourite dessert flavours - Cheese Cake, Sable aux Fraises, Carrot Cake, Moelleux au Chocolat & Tiramisu.

The 2011 Limited Edition Gift Box - an exclusive and luxurious box for Godiva's newest truffles indulgence!


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Valentines Collection 2011

Romance is in the air! This Valentine's Day, delight your loved-ones with Godiva's limited edition Valentine's collection including 5 delectable seasonal chocolate creations fashioned by Godiva's Chocolatiers in celebration of love.

Express your love this Valentine's season!

[ Download here ] 

Christmas Collection 2010

Christmas is almost here - a gentle reminder when we used to wait for that gift surprisingly placed at our big socks during our childhood years! Oh! The joy of waking up in wee hours of the morning to see if Santa Claus is around!

This publication features Godiva Limited Edition Christmas Collection 2010 -- because Christmas is trully special!

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Coffee Connoisseur Exclusive - A Pleasure in Every Sip

The distinct aroma of the coffee that fills the air is something of a pleasurable moment — a music to the ear in every grind, a celebration to the eye of that beautiful crema, a savory moment for the palate of a distinctive taste in every sip.

Coffee indeed fills our life with little pleasures — when we need that morning kick of a strong double espresso, at work in business meetings, at home with our loved ones, in cafés with our friends.

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