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About Us

The m! Shop by Moka General Trading LLC is an online Moka boutique dedicated in bringing convenience to your gift delivery requirements.

Conceptualized from the success of our Retail outlets, we are yet again presenting our expertise closer to you.

Our online gift service provides you a vast array of products wrapped-up in our creativity of 25 years experience.

Taken from our mortar-and-brick boutique outlets, we combined new collections to our traditional and classic range. Luxury brands include Neuhaus, Mazet, Medicis for chocolate and confectioneries, Segafredo Zanetti, eCaffe, Caffitaly Coffee System, Saeco and Schaerer for our coffee and coffee equipment selections.

Our gift packages had been carefully selected and continuous new gifts are presented 24/7!

In our continuous aim to provide you a world-class service, we are reachable through our UAE Toll Free: 800-MOKA, International: +97143790512 and through our customer service online form and email.

Enjoy your shopping experience and take part in the exciting MOKA culture of gift giving!

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About Moka General Trading LLC

Who are we?

Moka General Trading LLC was established in 1990 with one goal in mind: “To deliver high quality products and services to the UAE market.”

From a humble beginning that started with 3 dedicated people and a small shop in Jumeirah Centre, Moka now spans its market reach to the whole UAE, GCC & Middle East with over 90 employees devoted in providing non-negotiable exceptional services to our clients and partners.

Its Dubai retail outlets in Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Centre & Wafi City and Segafredo Zanetti Espresso franchised café in Wafi City have already won the overwhelming acclaim of chocolate, confectionery & coffee lovers.

Moka is the Agent, Sole Distributor or Dealer of several European & American brands in the UAE, GCC countries and the Middle East.

Moka specialises in supplying chocolate, coffee and coffee equipment to the hospitality sector. Due to its reliability, professionalism & efficient Customer Service, Moka has earned an excellent reputation among the hospitality industry professionals.

Today, we continue to uphold the same principle that keeps our clients’ loyalty.

Moka is an epitome of quality.

The Process

Each and every business is unique on its own--it has its own concept, requires specific needs, functionality and suitability in the budget.

We are working on this principle in providing advises to our clients.

We work hand-in-hand in determining the needs and specifications which results in long-lasting business relationship which is based on trust, loyalty and professionalism.

Your business is our business. Our aim is to make it better by ensuring top quality products and services.

Lifting you up one step at a time.

The Brands

Product selection and continuous sourcing of the best available commodity all over the world in terms of chocolate, coffee, coffee machine as well as confectionery is one of the most important focus of Moka.

Our portfolio includes the most prominent brands in the market: Neuhaus Chocolatier, Segafredo Zanetti, Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, La San Marco, Saeco, Schaerer, Elektra, Bunn, Mazet, Alessi, Ancap, Ristora, and more...

Our strength in spotting a unique, reliable and high quality products enable us to keep up with the fast paced and continuously changing market demands.

We keep our focus. This is how we keep our business.

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